其中,「搶耳音樂廠牌計劃」旨在培育香港音樂人創立及發展自己的音樂品牌;「搶耳全球」贊助並帶領香港音樂人參加全球各地重要的音樂節演出,並進行參訪考察,與國際同行交流連結;「搶耳巡演」側重市場推廣,幫助香港音樂人具策略地推廣音樂,拓展音樂市場;另外,「搶耳 Gig On」致力將本地音樂與時尚設計產業在網上推廣。


Ear Up Music is a music label that spotlights new music of Hong Kong to its neighbouring regions and beyond. The label, established by Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong in 2016, runs numerous projects from talent development to showcase events that connect with global music networks. Including:

Ear Up Incubation empowers new Hong Kong music talents through mentorship, whilst also developing a more sustainable and diverse music ecology in the region;

Ear Up Global offers Hong Kong music talents an opportunity to showcase on a global stage whilst also providing international exposure for established artists;

Ear Up Tour provides comprehensive support for Hong Kong new music talents to perform, promote and develop their brand in Mainland China; and

Ear Up Gig On, delivers an extensive online experience through music prowess and fashion to a wider audience.

In 2018, we founded Ear Hub to curate the latest developments in the Hong Kong, Asian and International music, media, production and interactive industry.  Ear Hub is an international music conference and festival that offers an audiovisual feast as well as a cordial environment to initiate cross-border collaborations for music lovers and professionals.


地址 Address
10/F, Hollywood Commercial House, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

電話 Tel
+852 2811 8766

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