Andro Yip

Pop, R&B / 2022

Andro 的名字取自於 “Androgynous”  意思是雌雄同體,他相信性別是流動的,而同時亦能夠流動於旋律當中,打破大眾對男生情歌的固有印象,展現男生的柔弱一面。Andro以流行樂作為基底,創作上融入了R&B等不同元素,歌曲上充滿着不同的性別氣質,聲音堅定而溫柔,旋律脆弱中帶點力量,以個人的經歷為主軸,剖白內心世界,創作自己的音樂日記。

The name “Andro” comes from  “Androgynous”. It means a person having both masculine and feminine characteristics. Andro believes that gender fluidity coincide within music or rhythm and he is breaking the pre-existing assumption of masculinity in male with his music. Andro is putting different elements or styles such as R&B in his music based on pop style. Andro is empowered by his vulnerability and his music are strong but tender and vulnerable at the same time. Andro writes his songs with his own experience and expressing his inner feelings through music.

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