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Vocal - Wing
Guitar - Billy
Bass Guitar - Mouse
Drums - TszChing

COPAK是由主音Wing、低音結他手Mouse及鼓手子程組成的樂隊,音樂風格圍繞Power Pop。在2018至2019年間,我們推出了5首單曲,包括《凌亂視野》、《浪漫大氣》、《玩太過》、《HEY》和《一百次驟變》,希望為聽眾帶來不一樣的感覺。現時正在籌備2020年的專輯。

COPAK is a band consisted of lead voice Wing, bass Mouse, and drummers. The band is dominated by Power Pop. In 2018-2019 we launched 5 singles, including ‘cluttered vision’, ‘romantic atmosphere’, ‘playing too much’, ‘HEY’ and ‘a hundred sudden changes’. I hope to bring a different feeling to the audience. Currently preparing for the album for 2020.

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Coming Soon

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