Peace Lo

Pop, R&B


在2021年五月發行第一張個人EP《a room for》,當中四首歌由內心的思辯出發。例如〈邊城〉是探討城市的人情冷暖、〈人形〉是質疑人性的陰暗面與視而不見等。在2022年亦會陸續發行新作品,例如〈睡行症〉等。 這首歌也會是第二隻專輯裡的第一首面世作品。

Peace is a singer-songwriter based in Hong Kong, making music that is driven by a desire to comfort to all those that hear it. She has an affinity for Jazz, R&B, music with colourful chords and harmonies.

In mid 2021, she released her debut EP “a room for” with songs that carry nuances of multiple genres and various syncopated elements. Her sound exhibits her versatility and prowess as well as the influence of other genres.

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從無伴奏合唱團SENZA A Cappella走出來單飛發展,換上個人唱作歌手姿態現身的Peace Lo,建立出以鍵琴主導的urban R&B/jazz-pop歌路。她優美的歌聲、別緻的和聲運用,擁有一種美不勝收的聆聽滿足感。

Peace Lo @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Peace Lo @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKSYU

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