Peachyri 愛麗兒


你好,我是愛麗兒Peachyri。 於2019年4月開始成為一個說唱歌手及唱作人,曾參加過2019年《中國新說唱》並取得33強。


Hi I am a rapper and singer-songwriter from Hong Kong. I do my music since April and I have joined a TV show in mainland China called ‘The Rap of China 2019’ and ranked 33.

Now I am still working on my music and I can do different type of music like 90s pop, hiphop, alternative pop and pop songs. I believe if I try my best and continue to do my music, I will be the next star on the stage.

This is Peachyri! Thank you!

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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