The Hertz

Indie Pop / 2019
Member list:

Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar - Herman Wong
Lead Guitar - Ricky Wu
Bass Guitar - Ray Sze
Keyboard/ Backup Vocal - Him Hui
Drums - Marco Leung

本地獨立樂團The Hertz以廣東話創作為核心,多變的曲風元素混合例如Funk、Rock、Indie-Pop等,兩者結合成為代表樂團的一種獨特頻率。加上樂團作品寫實、風格鮮明,近年來一直引起不少本地年輕人迴響及共鳴。The Hertz成軍近五年,一直積極參與不同大小的演出,而繼2020年推出首張同名EP《THE HERTZ》後,2023年亦推出名為《PRESENT》的大碟專輯。

Formed in 2018, The Hertz has been making huge waves in the Hong Kong music scene. As one of the up and coming bands that have been invited to play in front of thousands of audiences, they have infused Funk, Rock, and Indie-Pop elements into their Cantonese-written tunes that echo the voice of the Hong Kong youth today. The Hertz just released their second album "PRESENT" after the successful “THE HERTZ” in 2020.

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Ear Up Gig On - 6 Dec 2020 @虎豹樂圃


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