Ear Up Gig On

疫情改變世界,音樂出路何在? Ear Up Music推出Gig Online,讓音樂人網上開騷, 邀資深樂手視像授課,更令音樂跨界時裝擦出火花。搶耳出Gig,風行網上!


The programme aims to drive the crossover of the local music and fashion industry, as well as showcase vitality of Hong Kong through creativity. Experienced musicians provide a series of online masterclasses for who aspires to enhance his/her technique. Selected music units for finale showcases will be paired with local fashion designers for a tailor-made styling. By this cooperation, musicians and fashion designers are able to broaden their horizons and networking. The programme cultivates the joint cooperation between music and fashion in the long term, also promotes local potential artists.

Ear Up Busking 2019 - Music

Ear Up Busking 2019 - Fashion

主辦機構 Organiser
文藝復興基金會 Renaissance Foundation
贊助機構 Main Sponsor
香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」 Create Hong Kong of the HKSAR Government


Disclaimer: Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project only, and does not otherwise take part in the project. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials/events (or by members of the project team) are those of the project organizers only and do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Create Hong Kong, the CreateSmart Initiative Secretariat or the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee.

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